Extraordinary video
experiences for your audience.

Exceptional business results for you.

Brightcove’s Video Cloud is the hosting and publishing solution that will take your video content to the next level

A-Z Capabilities

Create, manage and distribute all your videos from one easy to use platform

Distribute Everywhere

Ensure seamless delivery of video content across all devices and platforms

HTML5 Player

Fastest player in the market that supports progressive MP4s, adaptive bitrate streaming and other industry formats through encrypted media extensions

In-depth Analytics

Access a user-friendly dashboard with robust analytics and reports to make data-based decisions easier

Live Streaming & VOD

Provide high-quality live streaming events and on-demand video channels across multiple devices and platforms

OTT Solution

Quickly implement a turnkey OTT solution that attracts new audiences and brings new revenue streams

Cloud-based Transcoding

Advanced ingesting and transcoding technology uses adaptive bitrate streaming to create multiple versions of videos based on a single upload

Built-in, metadata-driven advertising

Solution enables pre-, mid- and post-roll ads plus overlay and companion ads for all video content including live streaming videos.

Security & Reliability

Sophisticated security features include watermarks, content encryption, domain, IP- and geo-restrictions plus SSO integrations with your enterprise security.

Monetize Every Video

Flexible APIs Use a full suite of token-based REST APIs for ingestion, live transcoding, player customization, playback, player management, integration with CMS and analytics platforms, and more.